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Highland Contractors can create the perfect fence to accentuate your beautiful yard and home! Our team has experience working with homes in the preservation district! 

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Aluminum Fencing

How will an aluminum fence benefit the landscape of your yard?

  • Aluminum Fence will never rust

  • Versatile and can be adjusted to fit your landscape

  • Low maintenance: you won’t need to re-stain or re-paint

  • Aluminum Fence options include: Arched Gates, doggie panels, finials and rings

  • Aluminum fence is fabricated from recycled aluminum

  • Multiple heights and colors available

Many homeowners rely on the aluminum construction to keep their pets contained or to enclose their pool. These fences have proven to add elegance and beauty to any home or business.

Add aluminum around the pool and move to a classic option on the outskirts of your yard with a wooden privacy fence or a PVC privacy fence. We use top quality manufacturers that produce resistance to weathering and ensure your complete satisfaction.

Combine strength and durability with a coating that is resistant to cracking, peeling, and chipping. With the many options, you have available and at your disposal, the aluminum fences will be a welcome addition to any property.


Wood Fencing

Red Cedar

Lightweight yet exceptionally strong, cedarwood naturally resists decay without preservative treatments. Installation of a cedar wooden fence ages to an attractive silvery gray.

Available in 1″x4″, 1″x6″, 1″x6″ T&G, 2″x2″

Pressure Treated

Pressure-treating is a process that forces chemicals deep into the wood’s cells. The treatment produces greenish-brown lumber that resists attack from insects, microorganisms and fungal decay. Pressure-treating can cause cracks, known as checks, in the lumber. Checks are normal and do not impact the structural integrity of the lumber.


Available in 1″x4″, 1″x6″


Custom Wooden Fencing

Wooden Fence Styles


Choose your custom wood fencing from Rail & Wire, Picket, Stockade, Solid board, Shadowbox, 2×2 Picket, Tongue & Groove, Lattice & Trellis, and Toppers

Most of our wooden fencing can be customized using different picket tops or styles. 

Privacy Fence

There is a wide variety of styles when it comes to custom wood fencing. If you are looking for something to give privacy to your yard, here are some options to choose from:



Stockade fence is the most basic privacy fence you can get for your yard. These sections are available at heights of four, five, six and eight feet. 

Solid Board


Solid board fences are custom-made sections built in our woodshop. Sections are made of western red cedar, which is an outdoor wood and holds up much better than the spruce. The grade of our western red cedar is 2 or better, which is a high quality of cedar without an exorbitant price tag.

Since these sections are all custom made, there are a lot of varieties available for this style. Pickets can be either 1×4” or 1×6” boards with six different options for picket tops (as seen above). The pickets are attached to 2×3” backing rails. There is an option for the domed and scalloped sections. Cap and face boards can be added to give the sections a more finished and framed look.



Shadowbox fence allows for the perfect amount of privacy and will allow your yard to “breathe”. This wooden fencing has sections that are made by alternating pickets on both sides of the backing rail. When looking straight on at a section, the fence appears solid. However, when looking at the section at an angle, the other side is visible. This style has the same options and variations available as the solid board.


Horizontal Fencing

There are countless styles and extensions available when it comes to horizontal fence installation. We construct and build horizontal fences, most commonly using cedarwood. We view the construction and horizontal fence installation process as building a vertical fence flipped on its side. This creates a more modern look while maintaining your privacy.


Non-Privacy Fences


Picket Tops

There are different styles available for picket fences you can choose from. Highland Contractors offers a full line of picket top fences ranging in different wood types along with various spacing options for your picket fence.


2” Spaced Picket

This style is available with 1×4” or 1×6” pickets. It can be made with western red cedar or pressure-treated boards. The different section tops and picket tops are available for this style of fence. Just as the name states, there are 2” gaps between each picket.


1” Spaced Picket

This style is available with 1×4” or 1×6” pickets. It can be made with western red cedar or pressure-treated ACQ boards. The different section tops and picket tops are available for this style of fence. Just as the name states, there are 1” gaps between each picket. This style of fence is BOCA compliant and can be used as a pool fence.


2×2 Picket Sections

There are different styles available for picket fences with 2”x2” pickets.


Post and Rail

Split rails and posts, with 2- or 3-hole line, end, or corner black locust posts and 11’ spruce rails.

Round cedar split rail is also available, with 10’ cedar rails and 2- or 3-hole round cedar posts.


Chain Link Fence

Maintain security and comfort in your yard with chain-link fence installation. Offering flexibility for many applications, this fencing solution comes in a variety of colors, heights, and residential, commercial and industrial grades, installing quickly for your convenience.

At Highland Contractors, we offer you a full range of products and materials that meet your demands. As one of the most versatile and eco-friendly fence solutions available, we can customize a chain link fence for any height or color.

Allow your new fence to blend seamlessly into your landscape and create an affordable solution to establish your property lines.

With a chain link fence that is installed correctly by experts from Highland Contractors, you’re receiving a quality customer service experience that leaves you completely satisfied with the completed work, plus additional advantages.

  • Long Lasting

  • Low Cost requiring Minimal Maintenance

  • Sturdy in Adverse Weather with High Adaptability

  • Easy Repair & Replacement

  • Multiple heights and colors available


Made from galvanized steel, your fence will maintain the ability to hold up to years of weathering abuse and punishment. Customize your design based on your interests and landscape.

We’ve installed chain link fences to create a secure barrier around residential, commercial, and industrial properties.


Vinyl Fence

Provide your property with a fence that is maintenance-free and highly durable by installing a PVC fence. Available in a variety of colors, textures, and styles, you can select a PVC fence that appeals to your personality and preferences.

Having a new fence installed by our experts at Highland Contractors ensures a long-lasting structure that withstands the elements and won’t break down or fade due to exposure to the sun. These fences are often referred to as PVC or vinyl fences and are known for their resistance to cracking and fading.


  • Lattice Top

  • Spindle Top

  • Standard Picket or Flat Top

  • Scalloped Picket

  • Privacy

  • Multiple heights and colors available


We use the best manufacturers and provide a warranty with each installation, ensuring a like-new finish for many years to come.

Many Features that Enhance the Appeal of Your Property

A vinyl fence is a flexible product that is a recommended choice in an area with strong winds and extreme weather conditions. It will not decompose and is a sturdy solution when you think about installing it in the Rochester area.

These PVC fences provide easy maintenance and no need to paint through its lifespan. Clean with basic household materials to keep it shining and looking brand new. You won’t be susceptible to dangers of rotting, termite attacks, or rusting with the non-toxic benefits.

We all have differing amounts of space on our property, requiring various heights for our fences. Choose from any number of size combinations with Highland Contractors.

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