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Winter maintenance on your roof can be difficult. Ice dams can happen even after having a brand new roof installed. Here are some things to keep in mind during the winter months

Gutter maintenance is crucial during this season. Foliage build-up before the snow hits can not only way down your gutters and gutter hangers, but it can also create the perfect environment for massive ice dam icicles. Depending on the state of your fascia it can also way down the whole component and rip away from the home.

Inspect the shingles on the roof to make sure they aren’t deteriorating. Rochester Roofing Contractors know the issues that need to be addressed from winters unpredictable weather.

Seal all points where warm air leaks from the living space into spaces immediately below. New additions, sealed in porches, flat roofs etc can be a high maintenance area. Make sure to monitor this area and safely remove any snow accumulation that can build up as these spaces can be hard to insulate or reroute air.

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