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Now that winter has finally greeted us here in Rochester, some of our neighbors may be experiencing water leaks, ice damming, and in some cases...insufficient insulation might be running up your heating bill.

Let's go over a few things to look out for during this season.

1. Check your window wraps and monitor any condensation. A window can become a tricky leak to find and a costly repair if not installed properly.

2. The average house can have many penetrations for the plumbing and mechanical systems. These allow venting of gases and air but without proper care is maintenance they become a minefield of potential leaks

3. Siding walls on the roof are essentially a part of the roofing system. If there is any rot or gaps in the siding, that can be an easy entry point for water to show up in your home.

4. Chimneys can add style and character to our home, but they can also be very high maintenance. Masons, carpenters, roofers Rochester take waterproofing and flashing very seriously while installing a new roofing system or working on dormers, chimneys. Have them checked yearly for any issues that can be fixed before winter to avoid any headaches.

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