Roofing Companies Rochester NY

Roofing Companies Rochester NY - Highland Contractors

Spring has arrived, and we are so happy to see it! We have been working hard at building our business and gearing up for the busy season ahead of us.

We started venturing out and looking for new talent. Roofing companies in Rochester NY are what we have been focusing on.

I think a lot of the suppliers in the area thought 2020 would be a bust but it might have been our busiest year since the wind storm of 2017.

Talented roofers are hard to come by these days. Contractors are constantly searching or figuring out new ways to retain the roofers they have currently.

Some companies go as far as “poaching” crews by promising the world.

We are a huge family at Highland and treat our crews as such.

We can guarantee loyalty and a steady paycheck with benefits and support.