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Roof damage can be devastating; it can cause leaks that damage precious items, drafts that can raise energy bills, and weakness to a home’s structure, which can hurt your loved ones.

At Highland Contractors, we make it our job to help you and your family with home roofing services that will be timely and cost-efficient. We pride ourselves on having diverse in-home specialists and a crew that can fulfill any roof repair necessary.

Our long history of residential roofing services in and around Rochester, NY, has taught us that a roof repair cannot always wait for ideal weather. For this reason, we offer our services year-round. We also offer 0% interest financing options so that you don’t have to wait for financial reasons.

A damaged roof can be disastrous, but your home roof repair doesn’t have to be. Send us a message on our contact page or keep reading below for more information.

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Roof Repairs


At Highland Contractors Roofing, we do more than just replace your roof.

We maintain and service existing roofs for consistent safety.

Finished roof repair services in Rochester, NY

Chimney Reflash

Installing new aluminum flashing on brick roof chimneys.

Starting at $575


Ice Damming and Snow Removal

Ice dams are created when heavy snow builds up during the day and then refreezes when temperature drop over night. Two feet of snow on the average home can weighs 19 tons! Let us remove that weight before it damages your roof or interior.

Starting at $350 1st hour and $90 an hour after

Pipe Boot Flashing Replacements - Highla

Pipe Boot Flashing Replacements

Replacing the aluminum pipe boot flashing on your roof boot pipes helps identify & seal leaks.

Starting at $375

Roof Tune Ups - Highland Contractors.png

Roof Tune-Ups

All roof tune-ups include a detailed inspection report with photographs, and detailed proposals outlining recommended roof repairs.

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How to Compare Roofing Companies

1. Check the roofer's license & insurance

Your roof does more than just keep the sun and rain off.  It’s the most important layer of protection on your home, and any roofing company you hire to work on your roof should be licensed and fully insured.  Always ask for the roofer’s general liability and worker’s compensation certificates, as well as their home improvement certificate and contractor’s license.  Highland Contractors Roofing is licensed and fully insured to renew and maintain your roof.

2. Get a detailed roof proposal

When comparing quotes from roofing companies, be sure to check that they have provided a detailed estimate of the roofing costs as well as any other expenses.  We write our quotes so that there are no surprises and everything is accounted for. We also handle local permits and rubbish removal so that all we leave behind is a top-quality roof.

3. Ask about employee retention

It is a common practice among roofing companies to hire temporary workers for busy seasons.  Highland Contractors chooses to employ highly trained permanent roofers skilled in the newest products and techniques in our industry.  We believe that talent is the best investment, which is why we are available year-round for new roof installations, tune-ups, and repairs.

4. Look for roof training & certifications

Highland Contractors is a GAF Master Elite Residential Contractor, GAF Master Commercial Contractor, and a Certified Johns Manville Installer.  We don’t settle for anything less than the best roofing materials and equipment.  We always obtain manufacturer certifications and train our factory-certified technicians on the latest products and procedures.

5. Expect your roof to be inspected first

With all the available measuring and calculating technology, a good roofer should provide you a fully detailed estimate with measurements, photos, diagrams, and exact numbers. In days past, a roofer might give a ballpark estimate, which can leave a homeowner anxious about the procedure and possible surprise extra costs. Highland Contractors has invested in technology to quickly provide a full detailed roof estimate report to the homeowner to remove all uncertainty and guesswork.


The Steps of a Roof Inspection

1. Discover your roofing needs

The first thing we do when inspecting a roof is to meet with the homeowner to get to know them and their situation.  Each home has its own history, and we want to have a good understanding of our clients’ needs, from light repairs to a full replacement.

2. Detailed exterior check-up

Once we know what’s important to you for your roofing project, we will do a complete exterior inspection of your roof, looking at the following components:

  • Are the shingles worn down, torn, or missing in places?

  • Is there algae, moss, or lichen growing on your roof?

  • Is the roof leaking or retaining moisture?

  • Was the roof installed correctly in the beginning?

  • Are there any skylights? If so, how old are they and are there any leaks?

  • Is there proper flashing around chimneys, siding, and transitional walls?

  • Is there adequate ventilation?

  • Does the exterior trim show any signs of damage or water retention?

3. Don't forget the attic

After inspecting the exterior, we will perform the following activities in the attic:

  • Check the condition of wood decking.

  • Inspect attic intake and exhaust vents.

  • Inspect bathroom vents.

  • Check for water stains.

  • If water stains are present, check for active leaks.

  • If active leaks are present, look for where the water is going

4. Recommended roof repairs

After completing the exterior and interior inspections, our roofing technicians will go over any issues with the client.  We will make recommendations and put together a plan that takes care of the homeowner’s roofing needs while providing them with plenty of options.   

5. Receive a fair & accurate price proposal

Highland Contractors keep our prices fair and our work top-notch.  A price proposal is provided before our roofing professionals leave the property.  We thank the homeowner for their time and look forward to hearing from them.


Skylight Installation & Repair

Skylights for illumination and fresh air

Skylights are a beautiful addition to nearly any room, from the kitchen to bedroom to the living room.  Skylights can be fixed or able to open and let in the fresh air, improving airflow and air quality. Skylights can also improve energy efficiency and reduce a home’s carbon footprint by using solar-powered batteries.  We also install manual skylights and built-in shades for easy operation and perfect ambiance.



We look for issues with existing skylights that can cause leaks, fogging, and loose seals.



Not all leaks require a replacement.  We will inspect a leaky skylight to see if the leak can be repaired and resealed.



Quality is top priority when shopping for a new skylight. Highland Contractors is a certified Velux skylight installer.

Solar Powered “Fresh Air” Skylight Features & Benefits

Sky light windows - Highland Contractors

Powered by the Sun

Each Velux skylight has a small exterior solar panel built in that uses sunlight to open and close the skylight.  The concealed battery can even charge during cloudy weather.

sky light window - Highland Contractors.

Control with the Touch of Your Finger

The solar-powered Fresh Air Skylight comes with a pre-programmed remote control, making it easy to open and close the skylight when desired or at scheduled times.

Windows skylight - Highland contractors.

Clean, Quiet, Safe Glass

The newest VELUX skylight models use Neat® glass coating technology to keep skylights clean and reduce noise from outside.

Skylight window - Highland Contractors.p

Integrated Rain Sensor

With VELUX’s integrated rain sensor, homeowners never have to worry about rain getting in.  At the first hint of precipitation, the skylight will close itself.

Skylight with blinds - Highland Contract

Skylights with Blinds

Adjust light levels with factory-installed blinds, or choose from more than 100 varieties of skylight blinds from Velux USA.

Skylight warranty - Highland Contractors

10-Year Warranty

Velux’s No Leak Skylight is triple-layered for the most powerful defense against leaks available.  For an added bonus, Velux offers a 10-year warranty on products and installation.

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