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New Roof

If you are getting a new roof with Highland Contractors be assured that you will be getting a top-notch quality installation and all work will be warrantied.

We are a GAF Master Elite Contractor that works closely with our GAF district manager to make sure we are up to date on all new products and installation training. Our guys are trained, tested, and certified. 

While being a Master Elite roofer, our customers also benefit from the perks and warranties. It is a mark of roofer excellence. The GAF Master Elite certification emblem is more than a sticker or a logo. It is an invitation, a badge, a mark of distinction. It cannot be bought, it can only be earned.

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Why Replace Your Roof?

Unless you are experiencing active leaks, it can be tricky to see if you need a new roof. We have compiled a list of issues that can determine how urgent a roof replacement is needed. . .

1. Roof older than 20 years 

2. Active leaks 

3. Shingles are curling or cracking 

4. Missing shingles 

5. Shingle granules in gutters 

6. Moss or algae on roof shingles 

7. Sunken roof lines or areas of the roof 

Highland Contractors does offer free quotes and will be happy to set an appointment to inspect and quote your roof.

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